The Great Lie of 1991 (part one)

     The first time I read Nineteen-Eighty-Four (the novel) was in 1971 (the year).      I had just turned fourteen.      It was unusual for me, at that age, to read anything of my own volition. My interest in literature, art or politics was close to zero. The motivation for picking up this particular volume was purely down … Continue reading The Great Lie of 1991 (part one)

Jeyes Fluid (part three)

     We were standing in the hall.     "I've stopped caring about you," said mum, before absenting herself.     "If you really wanted to commit suicide, you'd do it properly and drink some Jeyes Fluid," instructed dad. Scathingly.      I went to bed. It was late and I was tired. I hadn't slept properly for two days.      The following … Continue reading Jeyes Fluid (part three)